Trisha Yearwood: Fun facts about Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood’s name became a byword worldwide when her single How Do I Live was used as the sound track for the Nicolas Cage movie Con Air. The movie was a huge commercial success worldwide. Meanwhile, Trisha Yearwood also came out as the winner when her song was instrumental in giving her commercial and critical success as well. She won a Grammy for the song How Do I Live in 1997.  She recorded another song in 1997 entitled In Another’s Eyes with Garth Brooks and won a Grammy again.  A few years later, the two got married after they parted ways with their respective partners. But how well do you Trisha Yearwood?  Let us get to know more of this American country singer by way of a fun trivia and have a blast with it.

Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood saved a man’s life.  Not too many people among your circle of friends can proudly say, “Hey, I just saved a man’s life today!” But Trisha just did while she was on a plane from Nevada to New York. When the plane was leaving from the gate, she heard someone screaming and pounding just below her seat. So she alerted the pilot and insisted to stop the plane. This must be a private plane since Trisha easily communicated with the pilots. Upon checking what the commotion was all about, turned out the baggage handler was trapped under the belly of the plane. Francisco Maccarrone, the man saved by the prompt action of Trisha exclaimed he was a converted fan of the former because she saved her life. The baggage handler admitted he was a Reba fan, but things changed when he had a life changing experience on that day.

Trisha Yearwood was an A student in school and wanted to become an accountant. In the primary school, Trisha was active in musicals, choirs and singing competitions. In secondary school, Trisha and her sister Beth were an A student in school so she was inclined towards getting an accountancy degree. In college, she attended Young Harris College and got her associates degree. She went on to enroll in University of Georgia but she did not like the atmosphere of the campus so she transferred to Belmont University in Nashville in 1985.  Here, she majored in the music business program and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business administration two years later. While she was in Belmont, she applied and accepted as an intern for MTM Records, a music label based in Nashville. After graduation, she was hired a full time employee. With the resources available, she recorded demo tapes and sang backup vocals to the artists recording in the studio. It’s here that she met Garth Brooks in 1989 when he signed up with the record company and became friends. The two eventually got married several years later. That’s what we call destiny!

Trisha Yearwood is a NY Times best seller author. In case you don’t know, Trisha is good in the kitchen. And she loves being around the kitchen to cook for her family and friends. In 2008, Trisha published her cookbook, “Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen: Recipes From My Family to Yours” in cooperation with her Mom and sister Beth. She followed it up with another 2 books, “At Home with Friends and Family” and “Get Hot or Go Home.  Love entertainment? Just hop to this website to access more great entertainment for your home.


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